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China takes countermeasures to US State Department's restrictions on activities of Chinese embassy and consulates and their personnel in the US
2020-09-11 18:50

Q: The Chinese side on September 3 stated its solemn position on the US Department of State's further restrictions on activities of the Chinese embassy and consulates and their staff in the US, and said that it would make legitimate and necessary reactions as the situation develops. Could you tell us if China has taken any specific measures?

A: Just as the Chinese side pointed out on September 3, since October last year, the US Department of State has imposed multiple rounds of restrictions on the normal performance of duties by the Chinese embassy and consulates in the US and their personnel. The US practice has severely violated international law and basic norms governing international relations and disrupted China-US relations and normal exchanges between the two sides.

To urge the US to repeal its wrong decisions as soon as possible, the Chinese side has recently sent a diplomatic note announcing reciprocal restrictions on US embassy and consulates, the consulate-general in Hong Kong included, as well as their personnel. Relevant measures apply to senior diplomats and all other personnel.

It must be stressed that these measures are China's legitimate and necessary response to the erroneous US moves. China will continue to support normal exchange and cooperation between all sectors of the two countries and the Chinese embassy and consulates will maintain normal interaction with all sectors in the US. Once again we urge the US side to immediately correct its mistakes and lift the unreasonable restrictions imposed on the Chinese embassy and consulates and their staff. China will make reciprocal responses to US actions.

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